The Laws of Atlantis

Laws of Atlantis are the follow on treatments from Crystal Rituals (if you choose to).

"To take you further on your personal journey of empowerment"

This next set of rituals are attunements, channelled directly from Atlantis.  These powerful attunements remind us of who we truly are, they empower us to expand our conscious mind to the limitless supply of the universe.  The attunements are a reminder from the universe to reclaim and reconnect to our natural abilities, which have been suppressed and long forgotten.  The more we use, embrace and honor these abilities, the more we can live a limitless life of bliss.

  • Abundance
  • Beautiful Love
  • Infinite Power
  • Universal Success
  • Sacred Serenity
  • Positively Self Assured 
  • Growth
  • Comfort and Joy
  • Inner Magic
  • Bright Future

Treatment time : 2 hours


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