Crystal Chakra Rebalancing

Crystal Chakra Rebalancing Ritual

Crystal Chakra Rebalancing is a gentle, relaxing foot massage.The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and it means "wheel", energy vortex. There are over 200 Chakras in and around the body, during this treatment we focus on the seven major Chakras. By having all the Chakras fully energised and working in harmony together we feel in perfect balance. During the treatment the feet are massaged twice firstly with Crystal infused Organic Sunflower Oil then with a Crystal Wand, lastly specific reflex points on the feet which represent the Chakras are stimulated ensuring all energy is flowing in harmony. Which leaves you with the feelings of being relaxed, rebalanced and revitalized. The perfect treatment for "time out" of our busy lives.

 Treatment Time 30 mins   Cost £40.00

Crystal Chakra Rebalacing Ritual

  • Blissful foot soak including the beautiful relaxing and healing properties of Essential Oils and Crystals.
  • Reiki Healing.
  • Hand massage using Neals Yard Organic Products.
  • Foot scrub
  • Deeply relaxing and nourishing guided Goddess meditation
  • Finishing with a classic Crystal Chakra Rebalance.
Treatment time 60 mins
Cost £55

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