Simply Heavenly



The Simply Heavenly range comprises of 6 different elements, divided into 2 packages 

Absolutely Divine

Head, Neck and Shoulder

Crystal Healing

Foot Massage

Beautifully Opulent



Crystal Chakra Rebalance

It’s entirely up to you how many elements you choose, or mix and match to create your own bespoke package.

Simply Heavenly is beautifully relaxing, nurturing and empowering.

It works on reclaiming lost energy, power and confidence

To reclaim what's rightfully yours enables you to glow, to shine and to show how amazing you truly are.

1 Element, 30 mins, £40.00

2 Elements, 60 mins, £55.00

3 Elements, 90 mins, £70.00

Perfect for when you’re feeling unmotivated or when you need a well deserved treat.

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